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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Getting our priorities right

I'd noticed that all the MSM sites I visited yesterday reported on both Pryor's and McCarthy's deaths -- but they always gave the top story to Pryor. The American Future noticed this too:

Former Senator Eugene McCarthy and comedien Richard Pryor died yesterday. On the NBC and ABC nightly news, Pryor’s death was noted, but unless I missed it, there was no mention of McCarthy’s demise. This speaks volumes about the MSM. Whether you were for him or against him, McCarthy was a significant figure in the late 1960s and his legacy — the always-dovish Democratic party — is still being felt today. Pryor’s legacy is — well, what? Perhaps it’s not to harsh to call the MSM comical.
Good to know that, while our MSM constantly opines about politics (as long as they can take a stab at Bush), they really don't get it, nor do they care about it.