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Thursday, December 08, 2005

An education joke that's too close to reality to be truly funny

One of the things that irritated me long before I realized that I was actually a conservative was the watering down and perversion of history to meet modern PC agenda. It's been going on since the 1960s, and it takes vibrant, interesting, inspiring, vexing and very real subjects, and turns them into so much boring political pap. Judith Weizner did a lovely satire about the way in which history is now aught, but I almost didn't laugh, because it's so close to the truth. Here are some samples of her multiple choice questions:

1. The so-called Pilgrims came to the New World in order to a) engage in religious persecution of polytheists b) tyrannize the native peoples c) seek cheap land for investment purposes d) any or all of the above *** 4. The Boston Tea Party was a shameful event in American history because a) the first deliberate act of pollution went unpunished, encouraging other polluters b) incalculable numbers of marine animals choked to death on tea bags c) Boston Harbor still has not been declared a Superfund site d) any or all of the above *** 6. Abraham Lincoln, one of our most revered presidents, a) had a high, squeaky voice b) was probably gay c) had untreated bi-polar disorder d) any or all of the above
I'd have ADHD too if I were indoctrinated at school the way our children are.