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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why the MSM really doesn't deserve a place in the panoply of American ideas anymore

Sorry for the blog silence today. It was a too busy day in too many ways to blog. Then, when I got the mail, I was greeted by this little piece of excrement, in which the boring and pompous Anna Quindlen is so excited by the "Bush is down" polls that she (a) wrongly concludes that this means the idea-free Demos are up and (b) urges and celebrates her country's own loss in a war. The first is stupidity, the second smells remarkably like good old-fashioned treason. Having started with the backpage, I consigned the whole magazine to the trash, where it rightly belongs. If you want to see the dungheap off of which Quindlen crawled, read this. UPDATE: This is unusually splenetic, even for me. I was exhausted and overwhelmed when I read Quindlen's column, and reacted with unusual vitriol. Well I haven't changed my mind about the sentiments I expressed, if I had to do this post all over again, I'd use more temperate language.