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Saturday, December 10, 2005

The one man in his party with a conscience

The Captain's Quarters has a graceful tribute to Joe Lieberman, one of the last honest men in politics. The only bone the Captain finds to pick with him is the fact that, in 2000, he stood by silently while Gore tried to take through judicial fiat what he lost in the polling booths. I suspect that, no matter your rectitude, it's hard to speak up when the White House may be within one judicial vote of your grasp -- especially when you truly believe you'll do a better job than the other guy. The Captain's wrap-up on this decent man, who intelligently supports the war:

One has to wonder why, under the circumstances, Lieberman hasn't left the party that so obviously has left him. His dogged loyalty probably explains that, and that makes his latest stand all the more remarkable. Lieberman is no babe in the political woods; he understands perfectly what his statements did to the Democrats. Instead of openly wondering what motivated Lieberman to take this kind of action, Reid and other Democrats in party leadership should ask themselves why they made it necessary for him to do so. In the meantime, the Bush administration should continue to show Lieberman respect -- not just as an ally on Iraq war strategy, but also the respect due an honorable and formidable political opponent. Lieberman is not and will not be a Republican if he hasn't switched by now, and the GOP should remember that.