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Friday, December 09, 2005

Things to do when avoiding studying

Steve, at Out of the Binjo Ditch, is suffering through finals, and came across the perfect technique for a study break. He came up with stories behind the names of popular cereals:

Frosted Flakes - A group of blondes get lost in North Dakota in the Winter. Fruit Loops - The adventures of the world's first all-gay stunt plane team. Trix - A diary of breakfast for Johns Raisin' Bran - The trials of grain growers in Kansas. Special Kay - A developmentally challenged girl just wants to live a normal life Product 19 - The quest for the perfect prime number Cheerio's - A guidebook to farewells in different languages
I'm not clever enough to do this kind of thing, but see if you can turn your hand to it, either for cereals or, perhaps, for other types of products.