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Friday, September 09, 2005

You feel singed just reading this one

Whew! Thomas Lipscomb, with a 150 year long family relationship to New Orleans, releases a blistering attack against N.O.'s inept mayor, Louisiana's weak Governor, and the endless history of crime, corruption, and building in flood plains that rendered all local people unable and unwilling to act -- and that led those in power to refuse both federal and Red Cross help when either could have done some good. Of course, accurate information now won't do anything whatsoever to stop that big lie that blames it all on President Bush. The events in New Orleans will join the imaginary Jenin massacre and the phoney Muhammad al-Dura murder in shaping public dialog about important issues of our time. Clearly, you can fool all of the people -- at least if they carrying press cards -- all of the time, provided that your narrative is anti-President Bush and/or anti-Israeli.