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Thursday, September 08, 2005

The poor ye always have with you

Here's a sad -- albeit eye-opening -- post detailing just how different the truly multi-generational poor are from the Middle and Working Classes -- published to help prepare those who are taking in Katrina refugees. Hat tip: Suitable for Mixed Company UPDATE: It occurred to me that the tag I really wished to add to this one is that, taking the poor out of the confines of New Orleans, and disbursing them throughout healthier environments may actually help the poor by exposing them to behaviors new to them (interactive child care, the virtue of work, etc). The whole idea about rebuilding N.O. and pouring the poor right back into their crowded communities -- communities that reinforce damaging behaviors -- may be the worse thing we can do to them. Perhaps N.O. should become a simple port city, with homes for oil rig and dock/port workers -- and nothing more.