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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Unintentionally funny television commentator exposes media bias

It's scarcely surprising the the quotation below should come from a television critic for the uber-Liberal San Francisco Chronicle:

One truism of television is that its unblinking gaze creates a document that can't be erased. Bush and his administration have come under withering attack not only from a lengthy and bipartisan list of other politicians but also from anchors on nearly every channel -- opinion-makers in the heat of the moment -- whose voices abandoned objectivity and rose up in questioning tones as they took Bush and federal department heads to task.
Ummmm, would this be the same unobjective set of talking heads that is disproportionately liberal; that has blithely accepted forged documents that smear Pres. Bush; that ignored grave charges from comrades-in-arms smearing candidate Kerry; and that has been launching attack after attack against President Bush since 2000? That same group of unobjective talking heads who were so stunned by the hurricane that they abandoned their objectivity, while still managing yet again to ignore credible information demonstrating that the Governor refused federal aid, that the mayor failed to utilize local transportation that could have prevented the non-evacuation nightmare, and that the Governor turned away the Red Cross? That objective set of newsmakers? Did I mention before that liberals, when they talk about the "unbiased" media that passionately hates the President remind me of a man who never bathes and, used to his own stench, claims that he is odor-free?