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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

The Lord helps those who help themselves

I was surprised when the NYTimes-reading, Bush-hating Mr. Bookworm suddenly volunteered that he thought part of the problem in New Orleans was that the people suffering were so dependent on government assistance that they had become incapable of taking care of themselves. While admitting that he couldn't possibly know what was really happening on the ground, or what avenues of escape were available to enterprising people, he said it just didn't seem possible that all that could be done was for people simply to wait apathetically on roadsides. I agreed with Mr. Bookworm. I too had had the same thought, but had hesitated to voice it to him, given his complete acceptance of all NY Times doctrine. Now, Rocco DiPippo comes along with a very hard-hitting article that says precisely the same thing. He contrasts behavior in New Orleans with a really heart-rending story about a horrible 1858 shipwreck, during which passengers, despite knowing that hope was lost, worked civilly together to ensure at least the survival of some on the ship.