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Sunday, September 04, 2005

I'm baaack!

I've been reading over Don Quixote's fabulous posts, and I suspect you didn't even miss me. But I'm still back and itching to begin blogging again. Before I get to the meat of this post, I just wanted to say that I had a wonderful vacation and saw beautiful things, but I'm a homebody, so to say that I'm delighted to be back home is an understatement. And now to the real deal.... We were pretty isolated from news for a while there, and didn't learn until Wednesday about the devastation from Hurricane Katrina. We then had access to CNN, USA Today and the NY Times. I learned from them that it was all President Bush's fault. President Bush didn't shore up the New Orleans' levies, President Bush didn't mobilize the National Guard in time, and President Bush's war in Iraq is why there was no federal presence in New Orleans until the fourth day and beyond. It wasn't until today, when I returned to my computer, that I got different information. I won't repeat what I hastily gathered from Power Line, since I'm sure you all have read it already, but I'll specifically direct your attention to this article. What's sad is that my spouse, who has not yet crossed the Rubicon towards the light of conservatism, swallowed these shallow, biased stories hook, line and sinker. As I've mentioned before, as far as he's concerned, if it's not in the NY Times, it's either untrue, impossible or imaginary. When I tried to get him to listen to Fox News, he refused, telling me it was politically biased trash. Bad analogy here, but the liberal's approach to the MSM is like someone who never bathes, but is so used to his own stench, he denies it exists. So too do those in thrall to the liberal media refuse to recognize its bias. By the way, I noticed that Don Quixote's posts elicited many, many comments, especially his post on gay marriage. I'm so envious, because I love getting feedback, insights, comments, praise (really love that one) and polite criticism. Don't stop commenting just because I'm back.