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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

A little perspective, people

The press is tremendously excited about Robertson's idiotic statements, and Venezuela, of course, is capitalizing on the publicity:

The already-icy relationship between the U.S. and Venezuela chilled further Tuesday in the wake of religious broadcaster Pat Robertson's suggestion that the United States assassinate President Hugo Chavez.
Excuse me, but when was Robertson last a spokesman for the U.S. government, or for anyone but himself? I seem to recall that, when he attempted to become part of the body politic, voters roundly rejected him. I mean, he's so politically meaningless he's practically a fictional character. I can see the next news headline:
Bond, James Bond, a well-known fictional character created during the Cold War, recently announced that he thought that it would substantially aid U.S. foreign policy if he were hired to assassinate Fidel Castro. As word of Bond, James Bond's statement began circulating, Fidel Castro immediately responded: "It is shocking that a Western fictional character would advocate assassinating a foreign head of state. However, this is what we've come to expect from the decadent, capitalist West, that only recently saw another fictional character threaten to assassinate my comrade, Hugo Chavez."
Okay, I'm being silly, but so is the exquisitely easy-to-excite MSM, and the entire Venezuelan government.