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Friday, September 30, 2005

Why corporate money flows into Washington

You know me. I like good writing. And here are a couple of beautifully written paragraphs from a Jonah Goldberg article about the fact that corporate interest in Washington is not an issue confined to the Republicans (the Frist and De Lay investigations/indictments notwithstanding):

If you want to know why business takes such an interest in Washington, the answer can be found in your low-flow toilet, in the warning labels adorning your cars, in your 8 zillion page tax returns. It can be found while you wait on hold trying to get a human to answer your questions about your health insurance. And the answer is most certainly somewhere in your box of cereal, made with grains subsidized by Uncle Sam and coated in sugar that has no business being grown in the United States of America. Corporations meddle in Washington because Washington meddles with them. It is simply naive to believe that a businessman will have no interest in politics when politicians have taken a great interest in him. And it is grotesquely unfair to assume that businesspeople are corrupt simply because they want to support politicians less inclined to hurt them.