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Friday, September 30, 2005

Asking the right question

Watched a Leno from a couple of nights ago. The central comedy segment that night had Steve Schirripa, of the Sopranos, and "Ross the Intern," a hyper-effeminate gay guy, go to a major fashion show. You can see the segment here. I found the segment unfunny (as did Mr. Bookworm, who is way less conservative than I am), but what really struck me was two things: how horribly ugly the clothes were, and how gay the designers were. And I could not help but think of the question my Dad asked me 25 years ago: "Why would you want to buy clothes designed by someone who hates women?" Now I know, gay men do not "hate" women. But they don't lust after them, they don't desire them, and they often don't admire them. Many of them (and I know this 'cause I know many gay men) view them as competition. And given that they don't cherish and admire women, it is weird that they have been handed the keys to the fashion kingdom.