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Friday, September 30, 2005

Sometimes the press gets it right

You know me -- I'm always the first one to pile on for what I perceive as the press's inadequacies. That's why it's only fair that I acknowledge when a member of the press does some great writing, from headline to last word. Enjoy this story, and don't miss linking over to the paper for all the details and the "graphic" photographs:

But the dead deer with an IV made it weird

At first, it was just a guy, dressed like a doctor, driving an ambulance reported stolen

By DANA TREEN , The [Florida] Times-Union Cops in North Carolina thought it was odd enough a Jacksonville man was driving an ambulance reported stolen hours earlier. Odder still was that he was wearing a makeshift doctor's uniform consisting of a stethoscope, a pager-like gadget and latex gloves stuffed in his back pocket. But then things started getting really strange when they saw a dead deer, fully stretched out and wedged in the back. Some said there was an intravenous line attached to the animal and there was evidence a defibrillator had been used. Others were just stunned.
There's more, so don't stop here. Hat tip: Done With Mirrors