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Thursday, September 15, 2005

More on the MSM

Hurricane Katrina is being advertised as having exposed America's problem with race -- or the problem races have with America, which may amount to precisely the same thing. But what it has exposed more effectively than anything else is the MSM's inability to handle complex volumes of information in a short time. Whether the reporters' motives were exciting headlines ("if it bleeds, it leads") or political animus ("it's all Bush's fault"), they demonstrated a stunning track record of error. Just today, the Washington Post identifies one more example of another Hurricane myth that bloomed instantly in MSM circles and was then repeated endlessly: toxic waters:

Early tests on the floodwater that covered most of this city do not suggest it will leave a permanent toxic residue or render residential areas uninhabitable for more than a short time, officials of both state and federal environmental agencies said yesterday. *** Despite descriptions of the floodwater as a "toxic soup" and a "witch's brew" of contaminants, the preliminary tests reveal it contains little that is different from what has been seen after past floods in other cities and here. The exception is a residential area in the suburb of Meraux southeast of the city, where 672,000 gallons of oil leaked from a refinery storage tank. Areas around six smaller oil spills may also require special cleanup, the officials said.
To give the press credit, serious reporters are offering correct information as it comes available, but I don't know quite how well that removes the stain of the abysmally inaccurate reporting -- reporting that stirred passions and affects political process -- in the Hurricane's immediate wake. Hat tip: Captains' Quarters Related posts: Sweetness amidst the venom MSM -- Makes Stupid Mistakes; Major Sinister Mover And the good news continues Blame where blame is due UPDATE: Victor Davis Hanson always says it better, so be sure to read this.