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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Something worth setting your TiVo for

I didn't even know it was out there, but my TiVo was kind enough to capture for me a moving, horrifying video called Children of the Secret State, showing both secret and official videos of life in North Korea. So, right after I tucked my kids in bed, their tummies full, their clothes clean, I began watching a video which opened with images of little, little children, dressed in rags, foraging through the mud for grains of rice. Here's the video's official description:

It's one of the most secretive and isolated countries on Earth, but North Korea's horrifying levels of starvation, particularly among its children, is slowly being exposed to the outside world. According to some estimates, as many as 3 million of its residents have died of starvation in recent years and there are reports that human meat is being sold in markets. In the documentary Children of a Secret State, the tragic lives of homeless North Korean children are captured on video filmed secretly by a photographer who calls himself Ahn Chol. Despite knowing that he will likely be tortured and executed if he is caught, Ahn Chol has made several trips into North Korea to document the desperate conditions there.
I assume that the Discovery Channel will replay this, so I urge you to set your TiVo (or equivalent) to capture this show.