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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Frank Rich exposed

When I read Frank Rich's utterly hallucinatory column in today's NY Times, I was actually too overwhelmed by its erroneous facts and reasoning to take a stab at fisking it myself. Fortunately, there are braver souls out there than I am, and Captain Ed has taken it upon himself to give Rich the drubbing he deserves. At this point would it be too snarky of me to observe that perhaps Rich, a former theatre critic, is not more equipped to handle this heavy mental lifting than would be, say, Cameron Diaz or Barbra Streisand? UPDATE: Patrick's only been back a day, but he obviously found his vacation refreshing, because he's also fisking Rich with the best of them. UPDATE 2: Here's a heads-up: The Day by Day strip for tomorrow (August 22) will also take aim at Rich's really appalling column, and it's great -- funny and pointed.