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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Everything old is new again

The Palestinian demand that Israel withdraw from Gaza, followed by the Palestinian response to the actual fact of that withdrawal, sent me hunting for one of the classic Jewish jokes about anti-Semitism (with apologies to modern Poles who hold more enlightened attitudes):

Shortly after WWI ended, the Polish leader met with President Woodrow Wilson. "If you don't meet our nation's demands at the peace conference," he said, "the Polish people will get very angry, and will go out and massacre the Jews." So Wilson asks, "And what if your demands are met?" "Then," said the Polish leader, "my people will be delighted. They'll celebrate by getting drunk and going out into the streets -- where they will massacre all the Jews."
For another old Jewish joke about anti-Semites that's been given new life, check out this post at Cheat Seeking Missiles.