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Saturday, August 20, 2005

The message is the medium

I've mentioned before the irony that, after blogging for almost a year, I've made my infinitesimally small mark on the blogosphere by being one of the first to link to Hala Faisal's ridiculous nude display in support of governments that would cheerfully flay a nude women within their territories. My traffic's also increased because my brief, small flutter with fame has brought me to the attention of blogs that automatically ping other blogs. For example, in my statcounter, I'll note with excitement that a certain blog is sending me regular traffic. Of course I'll link over to that referring blog immediately, only to discover that it has 200 one-sentence posts, all repeating the virtues of a brand of sneakers, a power mower, or an online drug store. Sigh.... Now I read on La Shawn Barber's Corner that blogs are swiftly become so common they're on the way to being passe. Yup, here's what she has to say:

Has the blogging revolution petered out? I don’t like to think so, but the novelty has worn off. That’s not to say blogging itself is wearing out. Everyone and his mother are blogging. To stand out, individual bloggers will need to “niche blog.” That is, pick a topic you know a lot about or want to know more about, find out what’s currently out there, and more importantly, what’s not, and start filling in the gaps.
The darn thing is that I don't have a niche. Politics interests me, but it also interests other, better informed, more sprightly writers than I. (Power Line anyone?) Still, I'm going to keep plugging away, hoping that reasonably pure grammar, plus the compulsive need to voice thoughts antithetical to ideas in my liberal community, will keep a steady stream of traffic -- real traffic, not 'bot traffic -- flowing my way. And by the way, to those of you who have become my regular readers and my blog friends, thank you so very much. I appreciate your comments here, just as I appreciate the chance to read your thoughts at your own blogs. UPDATE: Aaak! I suddenly realized what a girlie post this is. Sorry, but I'm a girl, and this is my blog (whether political or otherwise), so I guess it's going to seep through periodically. I'll just attribute this feminine anxiety (remember Sally Fields' cri de coeur "You like me. You really like me"?) to too much work and too much accompanying procrastination.