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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Saddam lied, people died

Considering that this man, after abandoning his leadership role, was found hiding in a hole in the ground, I somehow doubt Saddam Hussein's current assertion that he'd give his life for the Arab cause:

Former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein has said in a letter he would sacrifice himself for Arab nationalism and to end foreign occupation. The International Committee of the Red Cross delivered the letter, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters, on Sunday to a Jordanian friend of Saddam who declined to be named. "I sacrifice my soul and very existence to the Arab cause and liberation of our homeland from foreign liberation," the former Iraqi leader said in the undated letter that was heavily censored by the U.S. military which holds him on behalf of the Iraqi government. *** "My brother, love your people, love Palestine, love your nation, long live Palestine," Saddam wrote.
As for his tying his country's sovereignty to the Palestinian cause, it's clearly an attempt -- that will no doubt be successful -- to convince the world's Leftists that restoring his totalitarian, genocidal dictatorship (does anyone remember the Kurds?) should be lumped together with their quest to destroy the only liberal democracy (which coincidentally is a capitalist country) in the entire Middle East. UPDATE: See Caption Ed's more sophisticated analysis of Hussein's entirely uncoincidental reference to Palestine in his much balleyhooed letter.