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Monday, July 11, 2005

Whither Hillary?

If you are worried, as I am, about the possibility that Hillary will take the White House in 2008, you'll find comfort in reading Dafydd's post, over at the Captain's Quarters, confidently predicting that Hillary, whose only real job has been as a senator, will never win. It's a great post, with the following enjoyable thoughts:

Senators are not leaders; even the so-called leadership is not what most folks think of as leading: it's more like herding cats, or trying to nail Jell-O to the wall. *** [I]n 2004, JFK was utterly and irrevocably defined by his Senate career: a mediocre hack who grandstanded his way through the decades, lurching from one outrageous statement to another, and never actually running anything in his entire life... not even his own finances, since his fortune came from inheritance and then a pair of fortuitous marriages. The only things he ever did apart from legislative politics was a very brief stint as a prosecutor, and of course his even briefer stint as a Swift-Boat commander. *** Amazingly, she managed, during this period [as First Lady], to rack up the highest negatives that any first lady has ever suffered... another reason she will never be the Democratic presidential nominee. Her nomination would be catastrophic for the party, as it would galvanize Republican voters against her like nothing before, eclipsing even 2004 -- and especially Republican women, who Hillary has scorned and dissed from Day-1. This at a time when the only way the Democrats can hope to win the presidency is if Republican voters are apathetic and fail to turn out; for Ken Mehlman has already proven that when both sides turn out heavy, the Republican wins.
As I said, it's a very comforting analysis. Of course, if she really will be such a disastrous candidate, let us hope that the loonies who are taking over the Democratic party arrange for her to be the top of their ticket. UPDATE: Re-reading this post, it occurred to me that, perhaps, I should have captioned it "Wither Hillary!"