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Monday, July 11, 2005

Hillary -- the candidate for the reality-based community

Captain Ed properly takes Hillary to task for her speech at the Aspen Ideas Festival, in which she said that George Bush, like Alfred E. Newman of Mad Magazine fame, has taken a "What, me worry?" position, while funneling money to the reach and letting the poor suffer. As the Captain points out, Hillary's speech is unanchored to reality -- that's a good metaphor for a Captain point, isn't it -- because the economy is doing extremely well, thank you, probably in large part because of Bush's minimal tax relief. The Captain also challenges Hillary's mathematically ridiculous argument, in which she claims that the US economy lost $7 trillion because of spikes in the oil market. Kudos to the Captain for bringing facts and logic to Hillary's silly speech. I'm sorry to say, though, that this will not be enough. The reality-based community accepts unquestioningly any facts put forward by their leading "thinkers" and presenting them with actual reality is purposeless. Hillary's speech, pointing to nonexistent economic problems and bizarre oil price theories, will be enshrined as political truth, impervious to facts, logic or, well, reality.