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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Why the Left will never win a war

It seems that even the Daily Kos reached its limit as it was inundated with bizarre (and probably obscene) conspiracy theories about the London bombings. Showing the backbone for which the Left is known, however, Kos backed off from that strong position when it was apparent that the new rule hurt some people's feelings. Kos can do whatever he wants on his own website, but I thought this wishy-washy conduct was emblematic of the Left's inability to hold a defensive posture. Can you imagine Kerry in the White House, alternately asserting that we'll never put up with threats to America, while backing down from all initiatives to prevent those threats, because (a) we hurt someone's feelings; (b) we didn't give enough warning; (c) our rules weren't clear enough; (d) we didn't give a long enough lead time; (e) we didn't have an explicitly stated time-table for ending the protective actions; etc. By the way, it's not much of a digression to point out that, with respect to the upcoming Supreme Court nominations, it's looking as if some Conservative senators are going weak at the knees in their efforts not to hurt their Democratic colleague's feelings. You can either rule (and rule fairly and wisely), or you can be friends with absolutely everybody. The two are almost invariably mutually exclusive.