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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Noooooooo!!!! We're sitting ducks in more ways than one.

Just when I was allowing it to drift gracefully off my radar, bird flu is in the news again:

An outbreak of deadly bird flu among wild geese at a remote mountain lake in China is adding to the international concern about a rogue strain of influenza that could evolve into one capable of killing millions of humans. Teams of American and Chinese researchers published two separate reports Wednesday on the incident at Qinghai Lake, in central China, where 1,500 birds perished in May from a strain the so-called H5N1 flu that has killed millions of domestic ducks and chickens in Vietnam and Thailand, a thousand miles to the south. Although H5N1 is a bird disease, it has stricken 108 people in Southeast Asia since December 2003, killing half of them. There is no evidence to date that the bird flu virus can be transmitted readily among humans, but epidemiologists fear that it could easily mutate into one that does.