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Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Whew! I made the right decision

Even though I'm Jewish, I agonized a great deal about whether to circumcise my son. I finally decided to do so (a) because I am Jewish; (b) because it results in a cleaner little boy (and often a cleaner grown man); and (c) because I'd heard that the female partners of circumcised males have lower rates of cervical cancer (it was my gift to womankind). Now, just to make me feel even more comfortable with a decision I made on behalf of my little boy, there comes this story

French and South African AIDS researchers have called an early halt to a study of adult male circumcision to reduce HIV infection after initial results reportedly showed that men who had the procedure dramatically lowered their risk of contracting the virus. The study's preliminary results, disclosed Tuesday by the Wall Street Journal, showed that circumcision reduced the risk of contracting HIV by 70 percent -- a level of protection far better than the 30 percent risk reduction set as a target for an AIDS vaccine. According to the newspaper account, the study under way in Orange Farm township, South Africa, was stopped because the results were so favorable. It was deemed unethical to continue the trial after an early peek at data showed that the uncircumcised men were so much more likely to become infected.