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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Part gazillion in my "Why the Left will never save America" series

I got the following email from a friend:

Had a chat with a young colleague today. She complained about her Conservative father and how he says extreme statements like, "All terrorists should be killed". He said so today in response to the London bombings. Her reply -- I kid you not- "I don't know what to say to him. I mean, terrorists are people, too." Now I get the thought processess of the United Church of Christ. Terrorists are people too. They have their rights to self expression. Stop fighting them, poor desperate dears. Of course, people who actually fear that they themselves might be targeted by a terrorist bomb seldom have quite so much compassion for the humanity of the terrorist. Perhaps if she actually had ever read what the terrorists and their supporters think of her (decadent, tight-shirt wearing, non-virgin western slut, infidel), she might be surprised to know that the terrorist has no respect whatsoever for her humanity and can't wait to bomb the life out of her. But she knows she must be tolerant and understanding. Can't wait to see the signs: "Terrorists love their children." "Don't judge them." "Terrorists are people, too." "There's no such thing as a terrorist, only a self immolating freedom fighter." Wow, I'm having a hard time coming up with spoofs because half the idiotic statements I think of have already been written on someone's placard. "Burkas are feminist!" (She is liberated from male imposed standards of female beauty.) "It's her right to have a clitoridectomy!" (It's a woman's right to choose, even if she is 5!) "Terrorists love their countries." (George Washington would have worn a bomb belt if he had one.) "Restaurants are legitimate military targets!" (And buses, subways, discos....) "Gays support Palestinians." (We support the down-trodden, even if they want to deny us all our rights.) Kumbaya "kabooooom"
Don't I have smart friends?