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Thursday, June 02, 2005

I laughed, I cried....

Here's part of Ann Coulter's funny take on the Senate Republicans' insistence on acting as if they're the minority party in Congress:

The Senate majority leader, Bill Frist, thought the party with the most votes should be able to win. (Boy – talk about out of touch! And this guy wants to be president?) The seven 'maverick' Republicans thought a better idea would be to crawl to the minority party and plead for crumbs. If the 'maverick' Republicans had a slogan, it would be: 'Always surrender from a position of strength.' The deal they struck, this masterful Peace of Westphalia, simply put into writing the rule that the minority party controls the Senate – which will remain the rule until the Democrats aren't the minority party anymore. No wonder Democrats were so testy about bringing democracy to Iraq: They can't bear democracy in America. Liberals' beef with Iraq's new government was that the Sunnis – the minority sect whose reign of terror controlled Iraq for almost 30 years – wouldn't be adequately represented. Obviously, this did not bode well for the Democrats – a minority party whose reign of terror controlled the U.S. House for more than 40 years. The only way for Americans to get some vague semblance of what they voted for is to elect mammoth Republican majorities – and no 'mavericks.' (Fortunately, for the sake of civilization and the republic, that process seems to be well under way.)