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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Vietnam is not the only template the Left is stuck on

Deep Throat's self outing has given the Left another chance to live through the glorious early 70s all over again. Thus, the Democratic National Committee opines bluntly that

When you look more closely, however, you begin to realize that Watergate was just the start of years of dirty Republican political tactics that the American people are still fighting against today. The abuses of power and corruption that were so prevalent then have continued on though the years.
. Current Republican dirty tricks (with links omitted)?
* Anti-Voter Tactics & Intimidation: RNC Chair and former Bush-Cheney Campaign Manager Ken Mehlman is going to provide official Republican support in the 2005 Virginia gubernatorial race "to challenge voter eligibility" — his code for voter suppression, a tactic the GOP has been refining over the past few elections in heavily-minority precincts (college-age Republicans practice depressing turnout in campus elections, and even teach seminars on it.) * Phone-Jamming on Election Day: In New Hampshire, four people have been indicted for jamming the phone lines of a Democratic get-out-the-vote effort during the 2002 elections. One of those indicted is James Tobin, a former Bush campaign and RNC official. * Felony Eavesdropping: In Virginia, Republican officials eavesdropped on Democratic conference calls, leading former state executive director Edmund A. Matricardi III to plead guilty to felony eavesdropping. In the end, multiple GOPers plead guilty to various charges (this year’s Republican candidate for governor, Jerry Kilgore, came under fire for his involvement with the case) * Watergate for the Information Age: For years, Republican Senate staffers exploited a network flaw in the Senate's computer system in order to download confidential Democratic memos.
Oh, and of course, there's De Lay. Somehow this short little laundry list neglected felony voters, tire slashing, Rather-gate, the attempt to silence the Swift Boat Vets. . . . Wait, I got confused. That's Democrat dirty tricks. Basically, I don't have enough information to counter the attacks against the Right in the DNC's post. (If you do, please let me know.) I do, however, have enough information to know that the holier-than-thou posture in the post is inappropriate, to say the least.