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Monday, May 30, 2005

John McCain for President?

If you click on this link to the Right Wing News, you'll see a very funny "campaign poster" for John McCain, the current darling of the MSM. The New Yorker recently ran a positively hagiographic article about the man, praising his many wonderful qualities -- all of which involve his repeatedly claiming to be a Republican, but actually voting with the Demos on practically everything. (I will concede and I do appreciate, though, that he is strong on defense.) Clearly, the MSM has annointed the next Republican candidate. But I have to ask, how smart would we be if we selected as our candidate the one cherry-picked by our opponents? In a way, this is the real-world version of what happened last season in The West Wing. There, as you may remember, the show's creators got to craft their ideal Republican candidate, who came across precisely the same as -- yes, their Democratic candidate! Question: How dumb does the MSM think Republican voters are? And warning: Please don't let us be as dumb as they think we are. By the way, if you'd like to see a conservative writer analyzing a potential conservative candidate, you might want to check out Terry Eastland's article about Mitt Romney. I haven't yet decided what I think, but I certainly trust the source more.