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Saturday, May 28, 2005

A man works from sun to sun....

A woman's work is never done. Today, I rose at 6 (unwillingly, I might add), tidied the house, took the kids to a fundraiser pancake breakfast, took the kids to the library, prepared lunch for everyone, took my daughter to her dance class, prepared snacks for everyone, read to three small children, opened the pool, went shopping, began dinner preparations, did two loads of laundry, tidied the house (again), got the pool cleaner system ready (my husband actually cleaned the pool), cooked dinner, washed and vacuumed all the floors, cleaned all the bathrooms, did another load of laundry . . . and I'm not done yet. I'm tired, but the nice thing about housework is that, while it keeps coming back, at least you have moments of completion, where you can look around, and see fed, happy, clean kids, a clean pool, and a clean and tidy house.