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Friday, May 27, 2005

Another good defense of Fallaci

If you've been following the latest Italian travesty -- that is, the attack on Oriano Fallaci -- you'll enjoy this Kathleen Parker column defending America's tradition of freedom of speech, as contrasted to the Muslim attack on truth. For example:

Criticize Islam and face jail or justice at the hands of a true believer. Is it possible that radical Islam really does hate freedom? Now, to Durham, N.C., where Wednesday night three crosses were burned in different places around town - in front of an Episcopal church, at a downtown intersection and on a dirt pile near a construction site. Americans know what burning crosses represent beyond desecration of a religious symbol, and most are disgusted by the act. Most also figure the perps are the sort of folks who, if they bathed, would need a toilet brush and a silo of Lysol. We might wish the world were rid of these creeps, but alas, life is imperfect and God apparently is still shuffling the deck of human DNA. I say "cut and deal," but then I'm a mere mortal. Meanwhile, let's be abundantly clear: You can still burn a cross in this country (qualifiers to follow), or flush a Bible down the toilet, or insult Isaiah's writing, or burn a burqa in your front yard and live to see the morrow. So far.
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