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Thursday, May 26, 2005

"I love the smell of napalm in the morning"

My husband complained the other day that I never take pictures of him; indeed, that I almost never take any pictures. He's right. I'm not a very visually oriented person, and tend not to look at pictures. That being the case, why bother taking them? It occurred to me that the sense on which I rely is the olfactory one. Smells -- good smells -- matter to me. If they could invent a camera that could capture odors, I'd be off and running. And if that was the case, what odors would I capture? Here's my list: 1. Baby's breath -- not the little flowers, but that lovely warm, sweet smell that flows out of the mouth of a laughing five month old. 2. The smell on my daughter's neck and my son's temple after they've been sleeping for a couple of hours. 3. My kitchen, about a half hour before the Thanksgiving dinner is ready to be served. (And there's nothing so crazy about this one. I've heard that realtors often put apple pies in the oven on open house days because that smell makes people think "home.") 4. Sweet peas. 5. A puppy's muzzle, right at the part before its eyes. 6. Fresh cut grass. 8. The first drops of rain falling on a hot, hot pavement on a summer's day. 9. Tuberoses from across the room (up close, the smell is too strong). 10. Jasmine, which grows all over our local shopping mall. I don't like shopping, but I do like walking down the mall in the late spring to smell the jasmine. 11. Chocolate. 12. Earl Grey Tea on a cold day. 13. The chlorine smell of a swimming pool. 14. My mother's house, which is immaculate and sweet smelling. Is this the start of a meme? I don't know. I suspect a lot of people would drop into vulgarity, and that's not how I view pleasurable or evocative smells. Maybe it's the start of some inventing genius coming up with a fragrance capturing camera.