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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Aargh! I've been hit (with a film meme, that is)

Gail tagged me with a film meme. This is actually a bit of a struggle for me. We're members of Netflix, so a gazillion or so DVDs go through my home every year -- and I walk out on about 99% of them within the first ten minutes. The DVDs I buy tend to be for the children, although I love watching them too. Anyway, here goes: Total number of films I own on DVD/Video: About 60, most of them on video, and most of those old musicals, which I loved to watch before I began to live in a DVD world. Now, I have many old musicals, but no video player! The last film I bought: Hmmm. That would probably be Shrek. I bought it several years ago to play in the car for the long road trips to visit family. The good thing about Shrek is that it "listens" well. That is, since I'm in the front seat, I haven't actually "seen" it in years, but I definitely enjoy the dialogue and the soundtrack. Other DVDs I've bought, even though they're not actually films, are the complete Warner Brothers cartoon collection, and the complete third season of "I Love Lucy." Again, these are for the long drives. The cartoons are a huge success. My children, raised on a PC diet of PBS and Learning Channel cartoons (I strongly recommend Magic School Bus) had never seen good old-fashioned Looney Toons. They adore them. It's actually fun to drive with gales of laughter welling out from the cars' back seat. I also enjoy the sheer musicality of the Looney Toons. I hadn't remembered from my childhood just how musical they are. The last film I watched: Watched a weird one last night called the Zero Effect. It wasn't very good, but it wasn't so bad that I walked out on it. The most enjoyable movie I've watched recently is Les Choristes, a musical that came out of France last year. It's a fairly predictable story about a good teacher who uses music to bring hope to a bunch of orphaned or abandoned boys in a sadistically run French boarding school in 1949. The film is well done and the boys' choral music lovely. My five year old watched the film three times (it's in French, and his reading is too slow for subtitles) just for the music. We finally got him the CD, and neither of my kids can stop listening to it. Five films that I watch a lot or that mean a lot to me (in no particular order): 1) Groundhog Day -- An incredibly funny movie, that's cleverly made, and that gives us hope that we can get it right. 2) Pride & Prejudice -- I know it's a miniseries, not really a movie, but it's one of the best things around. It's true to the book, except where it actually improves on the book; it's lovely to look at; the music is beautiful; and it's got Colin Firth. 3) Anything Fred & Ginger did -- I know that's more than one movie, but they do tend to be a set in my mind, and I can watch them endlessly. 4) Singin' in the Rain -- What can I say? It's the best. 5) Gone With the Wind -- I haven't watched this in years, and the blatant racism in it makes me very uncomfortable now, but it still ranks as one of the greatest melodramatic movies ever made, so I just can't leave it off my list (especially since I saw it about 10 times when I was younger). And now which lucky five shall I tag? I know. Anne, Patrick, Steve, the guys at Brain Droppings, and Phibian.