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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Three good posts

Flipping through the blogosphere, and came across three posts today I thought were exceptionally good. Here's Curt, at Flopping Aces, reminding us that we can't keep second guessing ourselves. Instead, we have to get a belief system in place, focus on the important information, and ignore extraneous material. I think I especially liked this post because it reminded me of someone, years ago, struggling to explain Jimmy Carter's endless (and ultimately dangerous) flipflops. Carter, he said, was trained as an engineer. He'd look at the data and reach a result. And then someone else would hand him new data, and he'd recalculate, reaching a different result. He had no fixed compass points; just endless streams of data. Callimachus, at Done With Mirrors, weighs in here, with a great, albeit depressing, post about the International Red Cross's resolute refusal in WWII to acknowledge the Nazi evil. The ICRC seems bound and determined now to make the same mistake in reverse, by convincing itself that the U.S. is irreparably evil. Either way, the ICRC always gets it wrong. Lastly, Mike, at the Deep Freeze, uses the Spokane mayor's outing and demonization as a jumping off point for a discussion about the Left's exceptional cruelty towards individuals who ought to belong to the Left's demographics (gay, black, Hispanic), but refuse to follow the Democratic party line.