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Friday, April 29, 2005

Preempting parents

I've posted twice about situations in which I've felt that sexual agendas are being pushed onto very young children without their parents' consent. In both cases, I've made it clear that I haven't necessarily disagreed with the agenda, I've simply disagreed with a government entity taking upon itself the decision to begin instructing my 4 or 5 or 6 year old in sensitive sexual matters. I now read at Michelle Malkin that a father in Concord, Mass. was arrested in connection with this type of government overreaching. David Parker had asked to be notified in advance if materials that implicated sexuality were distributed to his 5 year old. Despite this request, his son came home one day with a booklet regarding family units that included a discussion about same-sex marriages. Like me, Parker was not necessarily opposed to same-sex marriages; he was simply opposed to having the government decide when his 5 year old should learn about them. Parker went to school seeking an assurance -- again -- from the administration that they would in future inform him before they exposed his son to this information. The school refused to give him that assurance, and eventually called the cops on him, rather than doing so. Tells you a lot about how committed the administration is (a) to a PC agenda and (b) to ensuring that parents are put in their place -- which is subordinate to the school. Check out Michelle Malkin for more on this subject. I'll emphasize again, as I did in my two previous posts: I'm very much not opposed to homosexuals and I haven't yet made up my mind about the societal benefits or burden of homosexual marriage. I simply object strongly to well-meaning governmental busybodies exposing my very young children to delicate matters of sexuality that are not yet on my developmental schedule for them. Previous posts: Why parents might be opposed to PBS's venture into PC programming about lesbians Reality check requested