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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Reality check requested

My question -- if you were the parent of two young children who can read, would this upset you? My local library is a lovely place, and I generally can't praise it highly enough. I'm troubled by the following, though. The library is set up so that, en route to the children's library, there is a glassed-in display case. This case has traditionally been used to highlight local artists, including artwork from children at local schools. My children and I always stop to look at it, because the contents are often charming and interesting. Last time I went into the library, though, I did not find the contents charming or interesting. It was being used to highlight a local group dedicated to preventing spousal and sexual abuse. I'm very opposed to spousal and sexual abuse. However, I think the library erred by placing what I perceive as adult content in a display booth that every child who enters the library will pass and, most likely, examine. I'm not prepared to discuss spousal and sexual abuse issues with my 1st grader. The librarians very politely listened to my complaints, but it was clear that they thought I was an over-reactive crackpot. They felt that they were providing a public service in a public forum that has the potential to benefit abused spouses and their children. What do you all think?