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Thursday, April 28, 2005

The attack on American Christians continues

Stanley Kurtz writes a lengthy column about how the liberal media is systematically demonizing American conservative Christians. As you know, though I'm a secular Jew, I've blogged about this liberal trend repeatedly, since I find it dishonest and incredibly disturbing. Read Mr. Kurtz's article and, if you have time and haven't done so already, you may find some interesting stuff in my earlier blogs on the subject. UPDATE: Since he quite literally wrote the book on it (Persecution : How Liberals are Waging War on Christianity") it's scarcely surprising that David Limbaugh has also written a scathing column about the continued liberal attacks on Christianity, and their attempts to portray it as a demonic religion intent on bringing the auto-de-fe, Scarlet Letters and other savory practices to America. Mr. Limbaugh points out, as I've also argued here, that American Christianity is distinguishable from the medieval European version, in being a profound force for truth and freedom:

What the secular Left wants to do is marginalize Christian conservatives by suggesting they are hell-bent on reserving religious liberty (and presumably other types of freedom) only for themselves. But all we have to do to refute that lie is to point to the history of this great nation, which owes its freedom largely to the religious liberties enshrined in the Constitution by Christians. The Left will never tire of castigating Christians, so we might as well get used to that. But in the meantime, it is important that Christians be neither duped nor intimidated from participating aggressively in politics and governance, which is their sacred right and their unquestionable duty.
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