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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The media that can't shoot straight and the folks with the dirty mouths

Over at Wizbang you'll find a great quiz asking you to decide (a) which stories are most newsworthy and (b) which tactics are most intelligent. An example:

I'll describe two stories, and you get to guess which one is more news-worthy. *** 2) A) The House Majority leader is accused (but not formally charged) with violating House ethics rules. B) A top aide to a powerful senator (with ties to a second powerful senator) is being tried on charges of violating Federal fund-raising laws for said senator.
You get the picture. As fascinating as the quiz is, I also found the comments people left regarding Whizbang's quiz fascinating. The first person to comment disagrees with Whizbang's world view, and does so in surprisingly, well, obscene terms. That viewpoint is hardly unique in the critical comments that follow. I mention this because it's entirely consistent with my theory that Demos, whatever their other virtues and failings, have potty mouths. I think political discourse should be elevating, they think it should be scatalogical and sexual. I'm doing Jane Austen; they're doing Hustler. And as a parent, I know which group is more appealing. (Yet another thing that may explain why the Dems faired badly amongst the "married with children set.") Prior posts Liberals -- the people of poop Potty mouth on the left The vulgar ye will always have with you Hat tip: Cheat Seeking Missiles