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Friday, April 29, 2005

Would you want these political operatives as your parents?

This from David Gerlernter pretty much sums up the Democratic principles in a nutshell:

Democrats habitually treat Americans like children. That's the whole basis of Democratic philosophy (I use the term loosely). We'll take care of you. Leave the thinking to us. Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, minority leaders of the House and Senate, respectively, — kindly Mom and Pop to a nation of intellectually limited youngsters. (But thank goodness, they love us anyway.) How could anyone be opposed in principle to private investment accounts within Social Security? I could understand Democrats arguing that 'private accounts are a wonderful idea but the country can't afford the transition costs right now.' But mostly I hear Democrats saying they're a lousy idea, and that President Bush wants to wreck Social Security — because, after all, he wants to let you keep a great big whopping 4% of your payroll taxes in a private account instead of handing over every cent to the government. How on Earth could anyone be opposed in principle to letting taxpayers manage a minuscule fraction of their own money (their own money, dammit!) if they want to? Because private accounts violate the Infantile American Principle, so dear to Democratic hearts. Little kids should turn over their cash to the Big Smart Government for safekeeping. But of course they can't say that, so instead they say, 'Bush wants to privatize Social Security' — as if government were going to wash its hands of the whole mess. The technical term that logicians use for this rhetorical gambit — applying a correct word for one part of a proposal to the proposal as a whole — is 'lying.' Here's another one: How could anyone be opposed to school vouchers? Vouchers let you decide where to spend tax money to educate your children. You give the voucher to any public or private school; it's your call. But Democrats worry that (among other things) too many parents will spend their vouchers at a local Obedience School for Little Nazis or the neighborhood Witchcraft Academy. That's what they think of their fellow citizens. That's what they think of you! Now some readers will say, hold on, be fair! Democrats only oppose vouchers because the teachers unions ordered them to. Agreed, teachers unions are a big factor in every major decision a good Democrat makes, starting with what cereal to have for breakfast. But Democrats also oppose vouchers out of honest conviction. They are honestly convinced that ordinary Americans don't have the brains to choose a school for their own kids.
As his starting point for this column, Mr. Gerlernter used the Michelle Malkin link about the hoo-ha in Georgia from some black politicians, because they don't feel their constituents can cope with having to show photo ID to vote. Since I weighed in on that one, here is my post on that subject ("Blacks as America's permanent children.")