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Monday, April 25, 2005

Blacks as America's permanent children

I blogged several months ago about my perception that liberals view African-Americans as perpetual children, incapable of controlling their impulses or attaining more sophisticated levels of conduct. Apparently that vile perception has been infecting the world view of African-Americans themselves. How else to explain La Shawn Barber's post about African-American politicans in Georgia opposing photo ID as a part of voter registration:

This is an example of what I mean when I say politicians treat blacks like children. Black so-called leaders and politicians disingenuously conjure up images of Jim Crow when they can’t get their way, without even realizing they’re playing to the negative stereotypes that plagued blacks for generations, hurting the “poor, black and elderly” they claim to care so much about. “Poor, black and elderly” citizens don’t know how to go down to city hall or the DMV to get an identification card? First of all, why don’t they already have picture identification? Don’t they drive or hold jobs? How do they cash checks, both welfare and earned, and open accounts, without proof that they’re who they purport to be? Ridiculous. Identification is such a basic requirement that for years I thought you were supposed to show ID when voting. I was surprised the first time I voted in the District of Columbia when the poll worker didn’t even look at my driver’s license, which I had in my hand. It turns out I didn’t even have to bring it! I can certainly understand how poll taxes and literacy tests discouraged people (poor blacks and whites) from voting 50 years ago. Literacy tests were a blatant attempt to keep blacks from voting, and whites were often not even required to take the tests. Read about what they used to do in Alabama. This test (PDF) would be easy for most of us now, although I can imagine the difficulty for someone poor and undereducated at the height of Jim Crow. But this is not 1954, and blacks are not still “overcoming.” We are a free people with all the rights and privileges (and RESPONSIBILITIES) of citizenship. Strangely enough, some blacks think that having less wealth or material possessions as someone white is evidence of racial discrimination. Unbelievable. [Hyperlinks omitted.]
I look at African-Americans, and see fully realized human beings; liberals -- and apparently some African-Americans -- look at them and see political pawns, lacking the ability to care for themselves absent the mother state. Hat tip: Michelle Malkin