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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Students may be wising up

Anti-war activism seems to have run out of steam at Columbia University:

Two years ago, as America’s foot soldiers headed into Iraq, a thousand of Columbia’s own artillerymen hit the bricks in an organized walkout that culminated in a rally at the sundial. Yesterday’s noon walkout, to protest the second anniversary of the war, drew only 50 students at its peak.
The organizers are putting a good face on it, but I think that, if you can't get a good anti-war rally going at a radical American University, you've got a problem. In fact, things are even worse for the anti-war movement at Columbia than the article's introductory paragraph would indicate:
David Judd, SEAS ’08 and a member of the Anti-War Coalition, said the election “was demoralizing for the anti-war movement as a whole,” but thinks dissent is on the upswing again. He said yesterday’s turnout, while low, was a positive step, up from an October demonstration at Columbia protesting the siege on Fallujah that drew about 15 people.
Could it be that, despite the Leftist, militant, anti-Semitic, anti-American faculty at Columbia, the students are starting to figure things out for themselves?