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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Making sure California taxpayers and UC Berkeley students get their money's worth

Can anyone explain to me why the student newspaper at UC Berkeley has a sex columnist? I have a habit of checking out student newspapers online, since I think it's interesting (and usually disappointing) to see what our "future leaders" are thinking and how well (or, usually, how badly) they are writing. I was taken aback, however, to discover that the Daily Cal, which is UC Berkeley's student newspaper, tackles such interesting issues as sadism, faked orgasms, and videotaping sex. I should say here that I'm not disgusted by the content, which is fairly mild. I'm just discombobulated by my sense that the student newspaper is not the place for this type of stuff, no matter how mild. University of California campuses are, in part, taxpayer funded, and they all have undergraduates -- kids 17 and up. I don't think the student newspaper should be purveying this type of information. My question, of course, and I'd love comments, is whether I'm totally out of it to believe that a sex column is inappropriate for a college newspaper?