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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

A nice list

I started a snide list about the rather, um, unusual belief system good liberals espouse. Anne, over at Palm Tree Pundit, has come up with a much nicer list of things for which she is thankful, and she encourages others to add to that list. I am, in fact, thankful for many things (all secular, I have to admit, which makes it look rather shallow in contrast to Anne's list): 1. My family. 2. The fact that my family is healthy and happy. 3. Friends, near, far and in cyberspace. 4. A president who I believe is making a positive difference in the world. 5. Interesting work. 6. Living in a wonderful neighborhood, in a great town, in a marvelous part of the world. 7. Good books. 8. Moments of silence. 9. My five senses.