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Thursday, January 13, 2005

And now, a note from the UN's shill

The NY Times jumped in with this editorial in response to the report that their were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq:What all our loss and pain and expense in the Iraqi invasion has actually proved is that the weapons inspections worked, that international sanctions - deeply, deeply messy as they turned out to be - worked, and that in the case of Saddam Hussein, the United Nations worked. Whatever the Hussein regime once had is gone because the international community insisted. It was all destroyed a decade ago, under world pressure.I'd give more credence to this editorial if the NY Times would also explain away the fact courtesy of his bribes to the UN generally and to countries on the security counsel specifically, Saddam was situated to immediately recreate his weapons program once the sanctions were lifted. Of course, I've given up expecting the NY Times to recognize that it was the press, even more than the Bush administration, that worked up the WMD angle (which was supported by credible evidence, much as the Times wishes to discount it), while Bush mostly clung to the admittedly legalistic argument that Saddam had repeatedly violated the UN weapons inspection sanctions, which gave the UN a legal right to use force against Iraq.