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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

This is why we're glad royalty no longer rules

Here's the story:

Britain's Prince Harry apologized after he was pictured on the front page of The Sun newspaper dressed up at a costume party as a Nazi soldier, triggering shock and revulsion.
A few comments: 1. Probably not a good idea for an heir to the British throne to go to a costume party dressed as one of Britain's greatest enemies. 2. Considering how hostile Britain now is to Israel, and how the British intelligentsia uses Israel as a vehicle to act out blatant anti-Semitism, I suspect that many on the Left felt a frisson of glee that an heir to the British throne would wear a symbol that is most closely associated nowadays with the death of Jews. 3. Aren't we glad the royals aren't in charge anymore? It must be all that inbreeding, but the British monarchy, which hasn't been anything to write home about for a couple of hundred years, really seems to be at a spectacularly low ebb right now.