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Wednesday, December 15, 2004

Intelligent commentary from a much put upon Italian politician

Galley Slaves offers the following regarding Buttiglione's comments at the Weekly Standard:

"He opened by contrasting what he described as the two main democratic traditions vying for dominance in Europe. One, the liberal tradition is rooted in respect for the dignity of the individual. The other is fascist, 'not liberal, but in the end totalitarian.' Fascism Buttiglione described as the 'consequence of the most modern ideas of liberalism' -- what one might call a triumph of subjectivism and the absence of those overarching beliefs that distinguish and humanize the other democratic tradition. As he spoke, I thought maybe I was listening to a sophisticated, European version of Jonah Goldberg, whose coming book sounds rather like it is founded on the same idea (modern liberalism=facism)."