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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

The ACLU again makes sure children are not exposed to ideas and information -- maybe not

I'm thinking of adding an "I hate the ACLU" file to sit next to my "I hate the UN file." Now the ACLU is after schools that have the temerity to expose children to a broad range of information. UPDATE: I'm having a hard time tracking down concrete information on this one, but it is becoming clear to me that the school district in question is lumping evolution and intelligent design under one big "they're all equal theories" heading. If that's the case, I'm backing off from the heat in my original posting, because I think that evolution stands squarely on a firm scientific footing, that creationism stands firmly on faith, and the intelligent design is a theory -- and an interesting one -- that needs to be subject to scientific proof before it moves from the faith category, to the science category. And until the latter happens, I think it should be opening discussed in American classrooms, but it cannot be taught as an alternative to scientific evolution.