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Monday, December 13, 2004

At least someone is watching out for us (and it isn't the SF Chron)

Tim Goodman, the TV critic at the San Francisco Chronicle is incensed that a conservative group, the Parents Television Council actually has the temerity to lodge complaints with the FCC, while the intellectual liberals are sitting complacently on their bottoms, doing nothing:

"My vote for best media/television story of the year goes to one you may have missed. Mediaweek reported on Dec. 6 that of all the 'indecency complaints' to the Federal Communications Commission in 2003, a startling 99.8 percent of them came from one conservative group, the Parents Television Council.
It's a pretty benign start, but then it goes into a rant about taking back the airways from these conservative censors.
"Hey, blue staters, this is a much smaller picture than you ever imagined. Forget about looking at that depressing election map and feeling overwhelmed, like you're on a cultural island apart from the rest of the country. The sad fact is, while you've been pouting -- and prior to that, when you were watching Jon Stewart and gloating -- you let a small group of reactionary conservatives set the agenda."
Interestingly, Goodman doesn't specifically challenge any single program affected by the PTC -- he's just offended that they're out there and they are active. His offense kind of destroys his credibility when he claims "I loathe politics. On all sides." Seems as if he really loathes anything that hasn't got Michael Moore's imprimatur.