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Friday, March 10, 2006

An observation about monopolies

Don Quixote and I were talking about our experiences with court reporters. Although there are always individuals who buck these general observations, the fact is that court reporters who do depositions tend to be reliable, polite and have quick turnaround. Contrariwise, court reporters who are actually employed by the courts tend to be unreliable, curt, and incredibly slow in producing work product. The difference? The deposition court reporters are out in the market hustling for customers. The trial court reporters have government jobs for life, and know that you have no recourse. By the way, lest I offend any court reporters reading this, I am always impressed by the amazing work product that they turn out. Also, even with government employee court reporters, I've never had someone directly rude to me. The main frustration is trying to track them down and get their work product (which one needs to pursue writs and appeals). I also don't know what kind of a workload trial court reporters carry. I just know outcomes, and the market definitely produces better outcomes. Talking to Technorati: , ,