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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The male problem in China

In an earlier post, I wondered what was going to happen in America as we urge feminization on our men and deny them the military as a good place to channel ordinary testosterone energy. I also noted that, traditionally, military service was a good way for a society to take that male energy and direct it away from the men's own society and onto someone elses. Here's the flip side for you to think about: China, thanks to its one child policy, the fact that males are favored over females, sonograms, and abortions has an unnaturally large population of surplus males. Do you think China is going to teach these extra men -- men who have no women to domesticate them -- that war is bad and they should explore their feminine side, or do you think China will chose the traditional route for directing that male energy away from China itself? Talking to Technorati: , , ,